Keep Possession

This is Tin Can Apps’ first app.

Its working title is ‘Keep Possession’. It’s written in Swift 2 for iOS. It’s a bit odd. It’s meant to be. Hopefully it correctly positions us as part of the learning and training industry but different. A maker of niche, focused, interesting, small, creative, innovative educational things.

OK so, basic idea behind ‘Keep Possession’ is that, these days, it’s particularly cool in football to ‘keep the ball’. Think Barcelona not Stoke! But how do you actually get a team to play that way? Shout at them a lot when they lose the ball is the current default option.

Clearly such a negative and unquantifiable approach could be improved upon. So… why not play a version of the game that actually rewards possession or moreover those individual and collective thoughts and skills that allow a player and team to keep possession of the ball.

A good and easy idea. But how to do said easy thing?

Well first we need to abstract away the score from the amount of goals scored. So instead of the game being won or lost by just the raw amount of goals scored or conceded, let’s instead say the game is won or lost by the amount of ‘points’ collected.

To begin with we can set one goal to be worth one point. But then we can also set other things to be worth points too. So we can say that maybe five percent more possession is worth one point. A quantity  of possession becomes as valuable as goals.

Example. Team A plays Team B. Team A scores one goal and Team B scores two. Yet Team A has 55% possession. With the app set as described above, the final score would be 3-2 to Team A.

Hopefully this will make for an interesting and motivation coaching activity. Many things, not just possession, could be recorded and rewarded in this way. (Wouldn’t it be great if the output from the app, such possession statistics etc., could be seen live on a small pitch-side scoreboard? But that takes some additional coding and hardware. But is on the ‘todo’ list. Low-down but on it.)

Right now the app just has buttons / widgets for recording time, goals and possession but will be developed more over the coming weeks. It’s in review in the App Store and will hopefully be available soon in it’s MVP form. Look out for it and let us know what you think.

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